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People who will be interested in reading the book:


  • General audience drawn to the subject of civil resistance as a result of recent revolutions in the Arab world and beyond, who would like to learn more about the historical practice of nonviolent actions


  • Scholars, teachers and educators who would like to deepen their understanding of nonviolent conflict


  • Historians of revolutions, nationalism and nation-states interested in looking beyond violence, wars, armed uprisings or structural explanations


  • Students of political science, comparative politics, international relations or sociology who love to engage in counterintuitive inquiries and want to move beyond state-centric, elite or structure-driven studies in favor of questions about the agency of ordinary people


  • Journalists and independent writers who want to better report on ongoing civil resistance campaigns by learning about past nonviolent struggles


  • Policy-makers who must realize that people power is not merely an ephemeral notion but is deeply engrained in national realities and histories and thus relevant to current political developments


  • Activists and organizers interested in recovering their countries' nonviolent histories to draw lessons and inspiration from their nonviolent progenitors